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Resilience * Inspiration * Leadership & Growth


Metaphoric Makeup™ is a holistic approach to personal leadership, resilience, and development that helps people strengthen their commitment to personal growth, learning, and living! Developed by Kenisha L. Thompson, a makeup enthusiast, Metaphoric Makeup™ uses cosmetic makeup items as metaphors to teach and coach on the essentials of personal leadership and growth. Just as cosmetic makeup enhances your outer beauty, Metaphoric Makeup™ provides powerful workshops, results-based masterminds, dynamic consulting, and valuable resources to help you embrace your excellence and enhance the leader that is already in you (your inner beauty).

Nothing we do or encounter occurs in a vacuum. Our unique identities, or makeup, affects the makeup of our groups and teams, as they are only as strong as their members. The makeup of our groups and teams affects the makeup of our organizations. The makeup of our organizations affects our shared society. Leadership is no longer based on titles or positions. We must ALL lead from where we are. Every aspect of Metaphoric Makeup™ is designed to add value to your life and all you encounter. Commit to enhancing your excellence and leadership, and thus, the beauty of the world we live in.

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